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"Stay At Home" Moments

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

This morning I was really thinking about the positive behind all the stuff that's going on during this time. One thought was how happy and appreciative I am of the things I can control and have in my life. I've really explored and enjoyed my backyard recently.

Before my backyard was an occasional hang out spot for me but recently that has changed. I've had more time in the mornings to just sit out in my patio space and do a variety of things: Read, reflect, meditate, play with my daughter, play with my dogs, stretch, cook, smoke out, work out...

I did some gardening and trimmed back some of the globe willows I got planted and the shade has provided 3 additional sitting/relaxing spaces in the backyard. So much so that I have begun to film a video series in my own back yard.

Another positive vibe I've been enjoying these past days has been SMOKING!! Smoking a variety of foods that is...And not just meats but veggies too! I purchased a Traeger grill several months ago and have just now figured out the best technique to infuse just the right amount of flavor into foods.

There was definitely a learning curve to smoking that I had not accomplished yet but now have gone from beginner to more intermediate level of smoking. The extra time on my hands at home has allowed me to really study the smoking process and learn which types of foods absorb the flavoring at different times of the smoke.

The picture here is my Easter linner meal I made, which consisted of a whole, St. Arnold infused beer, chicken, mash potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and sweet potatoe and brussel sprout veggie blend. All pretty much made in the smoker!

As you can see here, I've gotten a nice little routine and set up going on my patio to where I just sit out there and relax in the shade. The weather has been really nice, making being outdoors in the AM a little chilly but perfect for me. I've done some great workouts using old gallon jugs and laundry detergent jugs and have even gotten a little more flexible, though my hamstrings tend to want to stay tight. Riding the mountains tends to do that to you.

Probably the best part of being able to spend more time at home is being able to spend so much high, quality time with my 6 month old daughter. I really have grown to be the "SAHD" (Stay At Home Dad) and have learned so much from her in just 6 months.

She has taught me so much in love, joy, excitement, patience, even in fearing for her safety or well-being. She has really taught me how to face those fears and to learn how to use that fear to push me to grow.

Then there are those lovable moments where she is just giggling and laughing at the most simplest things. It makes you really want to have a child's heart again because they really don't take anything for granted.

Of course there has been those tough moments when I don't feel like I'm doing anything right or the lack of sleep has turned me into a zombie, but her precious smile always makes it worth it. I've even become quite the photographer as of recently.

So what's your best "stay at home" moment? Have you realized something new about yourself? What positive spin can you put on what you've been through the past couple of weeks? Feel free to share any thoughts or comments.

~ Dr. Bow Tie

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