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Your Free Consultation

I promise not to take too much of your time. 

To meet all of your expectations,

please provide some background information on how I can help. 

Primary reason for the Free Consultatoin

Thanks for reaching out!You've taken the first, brave step!

*This form is intended for direct communication with EP Rehab Specialty Group, PLLC and it’s members. The information provided in this form is not shared, sold, or otherwise given to anyone without your permission. By submitting this form, you understand that you are sharing the included information through a form that may not keep it HIPAA-secure.

Typically, a consultation is an in-clinic visit with Dr. Estrada,

which will allow you to check out the clinic, see how things are done differently,

and get answers to your questions.

​It's a no obligation visit so that you can get all the information you need

to make the BEST decision for your health. 

If you decide to join Dr. Estrada, he'll get you started as one of his athletes!



"I had nagging hip pain that I just accepted for years. I went to see Dr. Estrada and he helped get rid of the pain for good which has allowed me to enjoy running and get top finishes!"



"I was having bad neck pain every time I played tennis.  I went in to see Dr. Estrada and he helped me go from a 2.0 to a 3.5 NTRP doubles player!"

Angie 1 Week Pain Free


"After completing multiple IRONMANs, I needed a little help. Dr. Estrada helped to improve my recovery routine and reach personal bests in my races."

David 1 Week Pain Free


"I'm a running coach and senor athlete but had power issues in my hips. I saw Dr. Estrada and he helped fix the problem and get me back to my clients and back to competing at a higher level!"

What My Athletes Are Saying...

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