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Performance Athlete Injury

Journal Club

Wow! So I've just done some very interesting reading while preparing for my "Performance Athlete Injury Prevention" workshop. Overall, it has been an eye opener and I've seen some very interesting stats and evidence based information but the overall take home message is, lets make sure coaches get trained by appropriate medical personnel! Coaches who get trained have a 50% reduction in their athlete injuries! If that alone doesn't make you wide eyed, I don't know what will. Another interesting find are the top injuries lasting greater than 3 weeks in cheerleading.

Top 3 Injuries in Cheerleading >3 weeks:

1. Concussions

2. Fractures

3. Dislocations

This has prompted me to look into developing more videos and information on the performance athlete in hopes of bringing injury levels down. So keep checking back because I'll be updating you all with information as it comes available.

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