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So Excited to Meet You!

A Picture is worth a thousand words...

How true is that statement?

When I took this picture, little did I know the image would create a dream, the dream would grow into an idea, the idea would begin to appear as a plan, the plan would develop into a house, the house would build into a clinic, the clinic would appear and be ready to help people!

Well, believe it or not, but that's how EP Rehab Specialty Group was started. Now we are ready to open our doors to bring a completely new and high level of physical therapy to the El Paso region. No longer are the days where you will hear, "you have to go to [insert big city here] for that" be heard when it comes to physical therapy. Just come step directly into our offices to experience the difference.

This picture truly represents what EP Rehab Specialty is all about. We are from El Paso, we know the region, we know the beauty of this city, and we know how to help. No gimmicks, no tricks, no fancy words or marketing, just honest, reliable, and effective health care. The way it should be.

I look forward to seeing you walk through our doors and experience the difference of what compassionate and honest health care is all about.

Your Physical Therapist,

Dr. Pablo Estrada, DPT, OCS

Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist

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