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Journal and Manual Therapy Club

I'm so excited to start a Journal Club/Manual Therapy Club in my clinic! Now this is more geared towards individuals in the healthcare profession, so excuse the clinical jargon,

but if you are not in the healthcare field, don't worry. I'll try and make sure our discussions are st

ill relevant. Our topics will cover a wide range of aspects in physical therapy with the goal of getting good ideas flowing, sharing clinical knowledge, and practicing skills just learned.

I'll choose an article that is relevant to outpatient physical therapy practices and have the

material available here to download. If you have an idea or suggestion, by all means reach out to me and I'll post it up for the group to read. All I ask is that you please read the article posted and come prepared to discuss ideas or share thoughts in the comments below.

I look forward to collaborating with you and sharing how we can get people back to exercising and back to their daily lives!


For this months Journal Club, well start with Thoracic manipulations done for low back pain.

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