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Congrats on the Run!

Whether you did the 5k, half, or full...


I had a great time this past weekend helping all the runners participating in the EP Marathon race. Met a ton of people (you included), heard some very interesting stories as to why people are running, and helped a lot of runners after the race too.

The surprising thing was how many people diminished the effort it takes to just run a 5k. When asked, so many were replying "I'm JUST doing the 5k." And a lot of those who said that, it was their first race. I couldn't help but say, "hey, a 5k can be tough too. Don't diminish the effort it takes to put yourself out there and run."

Probably the best part was seeing a lot of those first 5k'ers at the finish line, smiles from ear to ear, and hooked wanting to run more. That's what these races are all about. Getting out there and running YOUR race, for YOUR reasons, and showing yourself that you CAN DO IT! So good job to everyone.

As my fortune cookie told me on Sunday, "it's better to do something IMPERFECTLY, then to do nothing PERFECTLY!"

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