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Is Pain Your Friend?

Hey El Paso Runners! Don't miss out on my upcoming running workshop.

In my clinic, I focus on injury prevention and making sure your body is up and running on race day. As you can tell, I approach physical therapy drastically different from what you may understand what physical therapy (PT) may mean. Typically people are referred to PT after an injury, which is too late in my opinion. Once an injury has happened, your body is never the same. Now that's not to say a PT isn't needed. On the contrary, if you've injured yourself then a PT like myself is your new best friend. I'm a movement expert and analyze people's movements day in and day out. I even find myself analyzing gait and movement impairments when I'm in public. :-)

But at my clinic, I'm focused on trying to make sure injuries don't even happen in the first place. That's why if you get me talking about pain, you'll hear me saying, "pain is a good thing." Reason is, pain is your body's way of signalling to you that something is happening that your body doesn't like. Pain is usually the first sign that your mechanics are off. Now a lot of people try to say they can look at your gait or can tell you what is wrong but unless they are a PT I would be skeptical. It takes an intricate knowledge of the human body and how it moves to just start identifying what could be going on. Then to be able to fully analyze someones gait is extremely difficult to do. I would seriously joke in PT school, "who knew walking could be so difficult?!?!" It takes a keen eye to identify when your ankle is the reason you have knee pain, or your hips are why your foot is collapsing, or that your lower back is why your toes tingle when you run. It's no easy task and when you are performing at higher levels like running, well you don't want to leave that up to just anyone.

That's part of the motivation of why I have begun to put on a Running Injury Prevention Workshop. A lot of the fixes are best identified early on and identified in the clinic. So this

workshop covers a variety of injury topics common in runners and how your gait mechanics can be adjusted to fix a variety of those issues. I'll cover why pain happens and what it means when you feel pain while running. Tips and tricks will be provided that you can do to

help eliminate pain and fix the problem for good. And if you're still experiencing pain that just won't go away, you can always follow up with me as a patient in my clinic.

I'm your new best friend in your healthcare team. Glad to meet you and I look forward to helping you stay injury free and out on the road running!

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